New rubber otter drone suits, available from Blueballs Inc! Buy one for yourself, send one to your friends!

Automatic timer. Set the suit for a given amount of hours, and it’s impossible to remove until the timer runs out!
Crotchlock ™: With a flick of a finger, your owner can turn your ability to orgasm on or off!
Sensitivity Dials: Your owner can turn parts of your body up and down in sensitivity, making your feet as pleasurable as your cock, or more!
Adjustable Orifices: Turn your mouth, crotch or rear into smooth bulges, rubber dildos, or into fuckable rubber holes
Two Prerecorded Voice Samples: While you’re unable to speak, use the following prerecorded samples in the suit to communicate: “Yes Master” or “Harder!”

Warning: Suits are delivered with random timers set for testing. Please ensure you check the timer setting before trying your suit on for the first time. Fortunately our Pet Insurance ™ will assign you an owner should you be stuck in your suit for more than 24 hours without supervision.
Warning: your new owner will have full access to your settings and can edit your timer at will

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