After a month of being locked up since my last relief, I got so horny and desperate that my boyfriend decided to put me in a metal cage for extra security. It can’t break, and it’s open enough so that it doesn’t have to be taken off for cleaning either.

I had a rough time with it at first, mostly because of the added weight and tighter base ring, but after a week or two, I was actually glad he made me get used to it! There is something comforting about how secure a metal cage feels, how smooth and solid it is, how it never moves no matter how hard I’m straining inside. And without the key, it would instantly become permanent, almost impossible to remove, which I have to admit is an exciting thought :3

The downward curve is a bit more extreme than in my previous cages, but that makes it very low profile and surprisingly comfy to wear in tighter clothing like skinny jeans, thongs, etc! I also like how the lock is integrated into the ring, making the whole device look almost seamless. It’s great, and slowly turning into my favorite cage! 🙂

I’ve now been wearing it for 3 weeks without a single unlock, and there is no unlock planned for me.

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