Nothing says you’re an owned property like a chain collar and chastity. Love the weight of the collar on my neck.

A year ago, i was collared by my Master. I’ve been his slave 24/7 since then. That doesn’t mean that i wasn’t allowed a life. I still work to earn my keep, we still hang out with our friends like any normal couples, but privately, I’ve been training to be his devout dogslave. There is mo question about who is the alpha in the relationship and who is the fag. This journey made me enjoy chastity to a whole new level. Through some intense ass training my Master made me experience anal orgasm in chastity. That was a turning point for this lowly fag. I have found my true calling: to derive pleasure from servitude. Ever since anal orgasm is made possible, i always served with the notion that i may get to cum and that made me all the more eager. My Master noticed it and used it against me. He would plant the idea that i would be able to cum in a session and deny me even after he’s bred me well. Fags don’t get to cum without permission after all. He then began to use my eagerness into ass training and servicing his alpha friends. I was ordered to serve them as i have served my Master, all the while dripping and straining in my chastity. Servicing all these free cocks made me enjoy my straining clit in the cage. Dripping precum became something regular and enjoyable.

It took some time for me to get where i am. I started off thinking I’m a dom top because i never liked being the bottom and i might have felt ashamed. Chastity and servitude changed all that. There is pride and pleasure to be found in servicing my betters and that is where i belong. I would be remiss if i didn’t thank the wonderful alphas @mastersaysboysobey and @domtopv2 for guiding me in my journey. Of course a huge thanks and hugs to my sub brother @puplocky and alpha slave @lockedandjocked, they’ve been nothing but supportive in my journey to become a better dogslave.

I look forward to share more of my journey with you guys. Woof!

Good bois wear two locks at least 🔐🔐👍

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