Happy Locktober, subs!


To all my sub-followers participating in Locktober, I wish you good luck! Looking forward to seeing all the progress reports and I’m rooting for all of you to make it to the end. Please know that doms worldwide are proud of your dedication to the cause and will be masturbating furiously in your stead >:]

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boys. You’re here because you want to enter a state of trance. I can assist you
with that. Sit back and let yourself follow my words. I’m sure you’ll find it
quite easy to Drop into trance if you open your mind to the pleasure and joy my
words have to offer. In fact, I can make you 3 promises that I will fulfill by
the time you finish reading this post. 

My first promise is that you will
go into a very deep and pleasurable state of trance. Many of you have already
started slipping into trance, and good boys that have been here before may
already be sinking down helplessly, deeper and deeper now. However, whether
this is your first time here with me or your hundredth time, you will find
yourself drifting off all the same. 

The second promise I can make you
is that your subconscious mind is here reading along with you, independent of
your conscious mind, and that your subconscious mind is already very interested
in what I have to say here. With that being said, you may find that your
subconscious mind will influence your conscious mind to help keep your focus
here on my words, or it may increase your desire for me to guide you into
trance. Your subconscious mind is free to decide how it does this; maybe you
will find yourself trying to pick apart my words to find their hidden meaning,
or maybe you will find your arousal and excitement increasing at the idea of
you drifting off and submitting to my words. 

really is amazing how powerful desire and intent can be in helping you get what
you want; for example, if you enjoy learning about something, your subconscious
mind will be eager to absorb and remember what you’re learning about. Likewise,
since you enjoy going into trance, your subconscious mind will find it quite
easy to let these words melt deeply into your mind as you find that your
conscious mind is just starting to shut off now. No need to try to fight it,
this is why you’re here. Allow my words to think for you, it will feel so much
better when my words think for you. Just let go. That’s a good boy. 

I’ll count from 10 all the way
down to 1, and with each number I count down, your mind will drift further and
further away from you, sinking deeper and deeper. When I reach 1, your mind
will be perfectly relaxed and open to the powerful and arousing ideas I have to


Just relax and let it happen. You
know you want to.


Feeling your thoughts slowing
down, allowing my words to replace your thoughts


It feels wonderful to let go and


Completely enthralled by these
words, letting them fill you up, making you feel so happy and dreamy


Allowing your mind to simply melt
into my words


Deeper and deeper down


So happy to lose yourself in my


The world around you is
completely gone, all that exists is my words


And when I say that last number,
you will fall twice as deep as you are now, letting it all go with

1. Drop into trance.

Sinking so deep, feeling so
wonderful and aroused and happy. You enjoy this so much. You will find that you
enjoy it even more with each and every word that sinks so deep into your mind.
Letting each word relax you just a bit more, make you a bit more calm and
obedient. You’re doing so well. From this point forward, you will find that any
time I say the phrase “drop into trance”, you sink right back down into
this wonderful, calm state where you allow my words to think for you. If you
see the phrase “drop into trance” while you are already under hypnosis,
you will find yourself spiraling even deeper and deeper down than before.
Letting the phrase “drop into trance” engrave itself into your mind,
knowing that any time in the future I say those words, drop into trance, you
will fall so deeply down, just like you are now. 

I’d like you to imagine that
there’s a nice, warm, blue sphere of light just in front of your eyes.
Contained within this light is the most pure, sensual, toe-curling erotic
pleasure you can possibly imagine. When this ball of light envelops you, that
pleasure surges through your body and mind, filling you with a deep and
powerful pleasure that shuts down any thoughts or concerns that might be
drifting around in your mind. This wonderful pleasure is my pleasure, and it
comes from my words, from your acceptance of my words, from the effect my words
on your mind. The light is not touching you yet, but I’m going to count from 3
down to 1, and when I reach 1, that blue ball of light will enter your mind and
fill up your entire body with my mind-numbing arousal and pleasure.



1. Feel that warm light surge
through your entire being, feel how wonderful and happy and horny it makes you
feel, wave after wave of pleasure now. 

And now the light recedes back
out of your body and those wonderful feelings begin to subside. You’d like to
feel that again, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. Drop into trance. That’s
right, everything just melting and fading now, deeper… deeper… good…

I’ll count from 3 down to 1
again, and my blue light will envelop you again, feeling even better than



1. Erotic pleasure crashing
through your body and mind, so good, so horny, so happy, filling you up,
floating in this pure euphoria, pure bliss…

And the light recedes back out of
you once again and the pleasure fades. That blue light is so wonderful, isn’t
it? I’m sure you wish you could feel like that any time you wanted. Well, from
now on, you’ll find that whenever I say the phrase “good boy”, that ball
of blue light briefly comes back and fills you up with my pleasure and arousal.
That’s right, whenever I call you a good boy, my blue light will come back and
give you a burst of those wonderful sexy feelings. You’d like that, wouldn’t
you? Of course you would.

Drop into trance. Letting
everything go and sinking twice as deep as you already are, my words guiding
you so much deeper down. Good boy. That’s right, feel that pleasure coming
back, so good, so happy that you get to experience my pleasure again. That’s
right, just letting it fill you up, more, more, more… that’s it. You’re doing
so well.

Now, I said I’d make 3 promises
to you that would be fulfilled by the time you finished reading my words, but
you might remember that I only made 2 promises, or perhaps your mind just
melted down too quickly to care. Well, my third promise is this: As soon as you
read the last word of this post, you will like this post and re-blog it. You
will also send me a message thanking me for bringing you into trance. You will
perform these actions without thinking, they will simply happen, you will do it
before you even realize what you did. You will do this because it feels good to
obey my words. You enjoy being a good boy for me, don’t you? That’s right, of
course you do.

I’ll count from 1 up to 5, and
when I reach 5 you will awaken from this trance and obey my instructions.


Just beginning to come back up


Feeling energy returning back to
your body


Feeling the thoughts naturally
coming back to your mind


Almost there, take a nice deep
breath, and stretch…


Awake. Now do as you’ve been told. Good boy.