Owned …

For my followers and my dear friend and keyHolder @jerrylocked ,i’m still locked by him and he is really good key holder. I’m so proud to be locked by him!

Thank you my friend!

first challenge finished after 58 days.

second challenge 323 of 352 days

Total : locked for 378 of 410 days

time code : 05.08.2018

“Birthday gifts” Game


It’s time for another game. My birthday is soon. That’s why I want to see what birthday gifts you want for me. Please, comment this post with one of the following options:
Option 1 – add a day in chastity
Option 2 – subtract a day
Option 3 – add 2 days
Option 4 – subtract 2 days
Option 5 – wear butt plug for 1 hour
Option 6 – wear clothespins on the nipples for 1 hour
And there is another rule – every 100 notes (no matter likes, reblogs or comments) will add another 20 days to my locking time.
I still have 44 days to stay locked from the previous challenge.
Ends August 18 2017 12:00 CET

Relaxing home in BBQ … after hard working day 

Day 28 of 58 …….. securely locked and soon more …….