Chastizedboy little Story

Hi buddies. As you know from my last post, my good friend and key holder gave me his permission to remove my chastity (security considerations) for time of mine vacation in UK.

(picture from Luton UK 28.10.2017)

I’m back in my country and I’m happy to announce that he locked me again.

(picture from BG 30.10.2017)

Locked again immediately after came back home. On the next day after some searching online I managed to print on my 3D printer new small chastity. My idea was to prevent myself of any stimulation and to became again good, smooth and clean boy.

(picture from BG 31.10.2017)

After switching devices, I spent 2 days. I was, of course, coming back fatigued, and there was not much time left, but on the third day I successfully fulfilled my duty to be as smooth as a baby’s butt.

(picture from BG 3.11.2017)

I’m almost a good boy, I already have to put my device and my good friend and key holder to lock my keys.

(picture from BG 4.11.2017)

And let the challenge continue …..

(picture from BG 6.11.2017)

Info about the additional punishments:
+125 days in chastity

first challenge finished after 58 days.

second challenge 54 of  227 days

Total : locked for 111 of 285 + 125 = 410 days

time code : 9.11.2017